Long Grove Arts & Music Council

The Long Grove Arts and Music Council (LGAMC – www.lgamc.org), an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is looking for an Audio Engineer to assist with its free Sunday afternoon Summer Concert Series, which provides an eclectic mix of singer-songwriter original music ranging from folk, blue grass, and chamber music to jazz, rock, and blues, with everything in between.  A concert can consist of a simple acoustic guitar and vocal to a band with a full compliment of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and horns.  Audio quality is of the highest importance to the audience, the bands, and our organization.  We strive for the cleanest possible sound with minimal electronic alteration.

The duties for the audio engineer include:

  • Review band technical riders to make sure the proper equipment is provided
  • Working with bands to make sure their needs are met
  • Setting up and taking down equipment
  • Mixing sound during concerts
  • Troubleshooting problems if they arise
  • Train and provide direction to interns
  • Attend Committee meetings approximately bi-weekly in-season and monthly off-season
  • Advise on new and replacement equipment

The successful candidate for Audio Engineer will have demonstrated experience in high quality audio management for live performances using state-of-the-art mixing boards and design of audio solutions for varying performances.

Audio Engineer