Long Grove Arts & Music Council

Season 2011 - Summer Concert Series

July 10th  

Maxwell Street Klezmer

Maxwell Street Klezmer

Who knew!? For the fourth year in Long Grove, it's Maxwell Street! "When the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band performs, they don't just play. They dance, they talk, they joke, and they celebrate right along with the audience" Jeff H., fan

July 17th  

Sones de Mexico

Sones de Mexico

Sones de Mexico is a unique ensemble of seasoned Mexican folk musicians and educators. The group formed in 1994 to keep the tradition of Mexican music alive in its many regional forms, true to its roots and old masters, and current and fresh at the same time.

July 24th  

Corky Siegel & The Chamber Blues

Is it blues, is it classical with a bit of folk added? Gritty Chicago blues, folk and classical chamber music might not seem like a match made in Heaven - until you hear composer and harmonica virtuoso Corky Siegel bring them together. Back for their second visit to Long Grove.  
July 31st

Carrie Newcomer

Carrie Newcomer

After her amazing and magical concerts last year and in 2008, Carrie is back and we are thrilled. Come hear one of this country's premiere singer/songwriters with songs from her newest album - Before & After.

August 7th  

April Verch

The April Verch Band

When you see April Verch perform, the first thing that strikes you is the pure energy that infuses her fiddle playing and stepdancing. Her exquisite voice, the finely detailed elegance of her fiddle phrasing and the depth of her repertoire will surely be a day to remember.

August 14th  

Lil' Eds`

Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials

The Washington Post describes Lil' Ed's music as “contagious wildness.” The Philadelphia Inquirer expresses it as “raucous and hugely entertaining.” But no matter how you describe it, Lil’ Ed’s seriously inspired music will take you on a fast trip from your chair to your feet.

August 21st  

howard levy

Howard Levy's Acoutic Express
with Guitarists Pat Fleming, Chris Siebold & upright bassist Larry Kohut

Back for a third year, Howard Levy is a harmonica musician without limits. His musical adventures include journeys into jazz, pop, rock, world music, Latin, classical, folk, blues, theater, and film.

August 28th  

Long Grove Day & The Best of Beans & Leaves
Featuring our own Reid Olson and a host of other terrific performers who play at the greatest coffee house in Lake County, Illinois - Beans & Leaves